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Car Insurance Accident Forgiveness and Safe Driver Checks: Myth or Reality?

Are Safe Drivers Bonus Checks and Accident  Forgiveness a Myth or Reality?


Well they do exist (at a price), so they are not a myth. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the Allstate commercials featuring Dennis Haysbert a few dozen times telling you that if you are insured with Allstate and you don't have any accidents that Allstate will send you a safe drivers bonus check and talking about accident forgiveness. When I was an Allstate agent not a week would go by without somebody calling or stopping by my office wondering why they never got a check from Allstate. Since you were probably sitting too far away from your TV to read the fine print, check out the screen-shot from the add. Maybe the fine print will be easier to read.

allstate safe drivers check

Now here are a few items that Allstate leaves out in their TV ads.

  • Not available to all customers. If you have been a loyal Allstate Insurance customer (over 10 years) you can't get this reward. it's only available on Allstate's new policies with Your Choice Auto (YCA, the name of the new plan which started in 2004). If you have an old policy this just isn't available.


  • You have to pay 15% more to get 5% back! Yes that's right your rate will be 15% higher than the standard rate and if you are claim free for 6 months you will get 5% of your paid premium back in a Safe Drivers Bonus Check. You will also get accident forgiveness for that same 15% increase in your rate. (so basically Allstate is selling you insurance...on your insurance)



  • Accident Forgiveness does not mean that your rate will not change because of an accident. Sure, the accident surcharge is waived, so you won't get an increase because of a surcharge, but you will lose some of the safe driving club discount which, nevertheless, looks like an increase in premium. Accident forgiveness sounds like you won't get charged more if you get in an accident. Sort of like pre-paying for the increase so you won't get an increase at accident time

Some other Car Insurance companies do offer similar packages, but you must pay extra to add these features.  

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