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Do I Have Insurance When I Drive My new Car of the Lot?

If you are like most people you will complete the paperwork to buy a new car after regular business hours or on the weekend. Times when your insurance agent's office is probably closed and you might be asking yourself when you get into that shiny new car...Am I insured to drive this car off of the lot? 

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The answer is... It Depends. 

Most insurance companies provide automatic coverage for new purchases equal to the broadest coverage you currently have on your insurance policy. 

For Example, if you have a car insurance policy in effect and you buy a new vehicle, that policy will automatically cover you for a short period of time (check with your agent, but usually between 4 and 14 days) This is built in protection in case you forget to notify your agent right away. 

Warning! If your policy only has liability coverage that is the only coverage your new car will have too. You will not have coverage to repair your car if you drive it off the lot.

If your policy has multiple cars, one with collision and comprehensive coverage and another with liability only coverage, the company will extend the greatest level of coverage to the new car during this temporary period. Meaning the new car would have matching coverage to the car with collision and comprehensive coverage.

Tip: You don't get Free insurance during this time. You must add the car to the policy effective the day you bought it. You just don't have to notify your agent the same day in some cases.

If you don't have a current insurance policy in place, you will need to arrange insurance before you drive the car off the lot.

Q: Will the Dealership insurance cover my new car?

A: No, the Dealership has a policy to cover their cars. Once you sign the paperwork it becomes your car and yours to insure

Q: Will the Dealership notify my insurance company when I buy a new car?

A: No, this is also your responsibility. Do not rely on the dealership to do this for you, even if they say they will take care of it. 

Q: What is Auto Loan Gap Insurance? Do I need it?

A: If you are financing your new car, Gap Insurance is probably a good idea. Learn more about Gap Insurance Here


If you are not 100% certain how your insurance company would handle a new car purchase or what kind of coverage you have on your current policy, contact your agent before you drive the new car home.

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