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Why Don't All Insurance Companies Offer Accident Forgiveness?

It is a growing trend for some car insurance companies to advertise "accident forgiveness" in order to entice you to switch car insurance companies. There is a lot of fine print involved on those TV ads and the insurance companies never have enough time to tell you the real truth about accident forgiveness. Don't be fooled into thinking the insurance company is giving you this for free.

Many companies offer accident forgiveness even if they don't spend their part of the 6 Billion (yes that's right Billion!) dollars in insurance advertising telling your about it.

With many companies you have to qualify for it. Usually by being accident and claim free for a period of time. Usually between 3 and 5 years before they would "forgive" that first accident, State Farm makes you wait 9 years!. While other companies, like Allstate who advertise accident forgiveness will offer it for you on Day #1 for an additional cost.(something they fail to mention in their ads) In Illinois Allstate charges either 10 or 15% for Accident Forgiveness depending upon which plan you select. So basically they are selling you insurance on your insurance.

Here is a partial list of companies who offer accident forgiveness and how you qualify

  • Allstate- Part of an add on package that will raise your cost by 10 or 15%
  • Geico- An add on coverage or free after 3 years if you qualify
  • Farmers- Additional Cost
  • Nationwide- Additional Cost
  • State Farm- 1 accident forgiven after 9 years of save driving
  • Travelers- Part of an add on Package.

Accident Forgiveness does not mean that your rate will not change because of an accident. Sure, the accident surcharge is waived, so you won't get an increase because of a surcharge, but you could lose some of the safe driving club discount which, nevertheless, looks like an increase in premium. Accident forgiveness sounds like you won't get charged more if you get in an accident, but that is not always the case.

So a majority of companies do offer accident forgiveness of some type, but most don't advertise it. Ask your agent if your policy offers it and if you qualify for it.

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