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Top 5 Champaign Urbana Mortgage Brokers for Your Next Home Loan



Choosing a new home is stressful enough, and having to find a mortgage broker you can trust to help finance your purchase can be overwhelming. Adding to the stress is the fact that there seems to be literally hundreds of Champaign - Urbana mortgage brokers available to choose from.

Which mortgage broker is going to be the best fit for you?

We get asked some variation of this question almost every week. Before you make your decision, there are three important questions you must ask yourself. The answers to these questions will allow you to set expectations for your experience working with a mortgage broker as well as choose a mortgage broker who’s the best fit for you.

1) Is price the only factor in who you work with?

It’s completely OK if price is your sole motivation for which Champaign - Urbana  mortgage broker you choose. Just understand that like all things in life, (insurance included), you get what you pay for.

2) Does experience matter?

When we talk about experience in terms of Champaign - Urbana mortgage brokers, we mean both years in the business and working with a specific type of home purchase. Some mortgage brokers are better at single family homes, others a specific geographical area and others specialize in multi-family homes.

3) Does personality matter?

Mortgage brokers, like any other professionals, each have their own personalities and style of doing business. Acquiring a home loan isn’t always the simplest task. It’s important you partner with a professional with a personality and style of doing business that works with your own.

Once you’ve answered these questions and have a good feeling for what you’re looking for in a mortgage broker, it’s time to start interviewing potential candidates.

The Top 5 Champaign - Urbana Mortgage Brokers 

Below is a list of the Top 5 Champaign -Urbana Mortgage Brokers per our experience working in the Champaign, IL market for over 15 years. This list is in no particular order. It is our recommendation that you use this list as a guide in your search for a mortgage broker. It’s always prudent to interview multiple professionals. This list is no way a guarantee of results.

Francesca Hunter - Wells Fargo

Fran has 14 years experience as a mortgage loan processor and her schedule is flexible to accommodate the demanding lives of people today. Fran loves helping first time buyers, easing their worries and fears and helping them get a foot in the door of home ownership. Visit Fran's LinkedIn Page


Jan Buerkett - Busey Bank

Jan has been with Busey Bank for 22 years and has the expertise to help all customers, whether they are buying their first home or their dream home. She takes pride in being the advocate for the customer through the entire process. Visit Jan's Website 


Dan Marker - Hickory Point Bank & Trust

Dan has been helping Champaign Urbana residents with mortgage loans for over 14 years. Dan will explain the loan process and products to you step-by-step so there are no surprises at closing. Visit Dan's LinkedIn page


Jim McMurry - First Federal Savings Bank

Jim graduated from the U of I with a degree in Finance and has been helping people in the Champaign Urbana area for 12 years with home loans.Jim works with all types of clients from first time buyers to investors. Visit Jim's LinkedIn Page


Michael Hicks - LeaderOne Financial

Michael is a 10 year U.S. Army Veteran and has spent the last 12 year in Mortgage Origination. He specializes in VA Mortgage and also works with FHA and Conventional loans. Visit Michael's Website


Other Options outside of Champaign - Urbana

If you or your new home are located in one of the many wonderful communities that surround Champaign Urbana we have an option for you as well.


Angie Woodward - Busey Bank

Angie has lived in the Gibson City and surrounding area most of her life. She provides mortgage lending service in the Gibson City, Mahomet, Paxton and Rantoul markets for Busey Bank. Angie specializes in USDA Rural Housing Program along with Conventional and FHA/VA loans. Visit Angie's Website


Purchasing a new home is exciting. It marks a major change in your life even if you've done it before. Finding the right mortgage broker can make all the difference in your experience 


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Top 5 Champaign Urbana Mortgage Brokers for your next home loan by Dave Rueck








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