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Have premiums for your medigap policy been increasing over the past few years? Here's how to lower the cost.


If you like the coverage offered by your current policy, it's smart to shop your letter plan with competing carriers. Under federal law, insurers who provide medigap coverage -- which helps pay out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services, including Part A and Part B -- may sell only standardized policies identified by letters A through N in most states. Each policy identified by the same lettermust offer the same benefits. Usually, the only difference between same-letter policies is cost -- and the price range can be surprisingly large. For example, a 65 year old male in Champaign, Illinois can be charged anywhere from $126 to $248/month for the same popular Plan F.


Also, consider a Plan G.

Plans F and G are the two most popular medigap plans, because they offer the most complete coverage, providing seniors with as little out of medical pocket costs as possible. Plan G covers everything that Plan F does (including the Medicare excess charges and the foreign travel benefit). The ONLY difference is that Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible ($147/year in 2015). However, the average premium for Plan G is usually at least $300 less per year than a Plan F - so you have an extra $153/year left in your pocket! Because of this, Plan G is usually the best value plan for your money.

Saving money is a great start, but there are other reasons why Plan G is usually a better plan choice long term. As a licensed agent, I am happy to provide you a cost free rate analysis, and show you the potential savings that switching to a Plan G can offer!

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If you live in Champaign Urbana, or anywhere in Illinois for that matter, and want to know how to find the best rates on Term Life Insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people don’t fully realize the importance of having their own individual life insurance policy. Just because you may have a policy through your employer, you should still buy an individual life insurance policy on your own. The reason is simple – to preserve your insurability.

If you have a policy through your work, that policy will disappear if you should leave your job, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

If you rely solely on your work policy, and then end up coming down with a disease like diabetes, cancer, or have a heart attack or stroke, you will not be eligible to purchase a policy on your own. If you end up losing your job for some reason, then you will be without any life insurance to protect your loved ones, and will not be able to purchase life insurance at any price.

The key is to buy an individual policy while you still can, thus getting the lowest rate while you’re young and healthy.

Another key to finding the lowest rate on Illinois Life Insurance is to utilize the services of an independent agent. Some agencies only offer products from one provider, so it’s a take it or leave it proposition. At Rueck Insurance, we have access to over 20 top-rated companies, and will shop the market to find you the best combination of price and coverage.

Since we work with so many companies, we know which ones are more lenient for different type of health conditions. One company may be better fit for you than others, depending on their underwriting guidelines and your specific situation. Some companies are strict with height/weight ratios, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. while others are more flexible. Knowing these differences is crucial to finding you the best rate.

There are different opinions as to which type of policy is better — permanent insurance such as whole life or universal life versus term life insurance. Really though, the answer is not necessarily which is better, but rather which policy will best accomplish your goal for the life insurance policy.

Life insurance, whether term or permanent, is simply a tool in your tool box for you to use for a specific purpose.
Term life policies are the least expensive and afford you the largest death benefit to be paid to your beneficiaries. In addition, most term policies allow you to convert to a permanent policy within a certain time period.

Permanent policies are more expensive typically, and usually have a lower death benefit, but will accrue cash value over time. You can draw on the cash value in the form of a policy loan if you decide to use the money while you’re still alive, which can be a good option because there is zero interest on the loan since you’re borrowing from yourself.

We perform a thorough needs analysis of your situation to determine what type of policy will help you accomplish your goals. Our strongpoint is asking the right questions, and then listening carefully to your answers. Once we know what your goals are, then we can custom tailor a plan for you and present you with options.

You’re the one in charge of your decisions — we’re simply here to help you figure out the best choices that will allow you to accomplish your goals for your family’s security.
Please let us know when you’d like to schedule a consultation.

Q: Can you get car insurance in Illinois with an International Drivers License?

A: Yes you can. As a town with a Major University in it, Champaign Urbana draws many faculty and students from all over the world. Many of these people drive properly registered and insured cars with their home country or international drivers licenses.

If you have a foreign driver's license you can still buy car insurance and register your car at the DMV, however the number of options to insure you and your car will be limited. Many of the major insurance companies will not insure any drivers without a US driver's license. If you work with a broker or Independent Insurance agent, like Rueck Insurance, you will find more options including options for drivers with an International License.


It is recommended that you obtain an Illinois drive's license if possible for the following reasons:


  • Car insurance, which is mandatory in Illinois, may be much more expensive if you don't have an Illinois license


  • Insurance companies often add a surcharge to the cost of your policy if you don't have an Illinois driver's license


  • Some car insurance compnaies will not even consider insuring you until you have an Illinois license and then you could still be charged more as an "inexperienced operator"


Buying car insurance for a Non US citizen who is visiting or new to the country doesn't need to be a hassle or complicated matter. All that is needed is some local knowledge, common sense and an insurance agent who will work for you and not the insurance company to keep the costs at a reasonable level.

Contact Rueck Insurance at 217-355-9075 and let us work with the 5+ insurance options who will accept drivers with an International Driver's License and let us find the best deal for you!


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