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Q: Can you get car insurance in Illinois with an International Drivers License?

A: Yes you can. As a town with a Major University in it, Champaign Urbana draws many faculty and students from all over the world. Many of these people drive properly registered and insured cars with their home country or international drivers licenses.

If you have a foreign driver's license you can still buy car insurance and register your car at the DMV, however the number of options to insure you and your car will be limited. Many of the major insurance companies will not insure any drivers without a US driver's license. If you work with a broker or Independent Insurance agent, like Rueck Insurance, you will find more options including options for drivers with an International License.


It is recommended that you obtain an Illinois drive's license if possible for the following reasons:


  • Car insurance, which is mandatory in Illinois, may be much more expensive if you don't have an Illinois license


  • Insurance companies often add a surcharge to the cost of your policy if you don't have an Illinois driver's license


  • Some car insurance compnaies will not even consider insuring you until you have an Illinois license and then you could still be charged more as an "inexperienced operator"


Buying car insurance for a Non US citizen who is visiting or new to the country doesn't need to be a hassle or complicated matter. All that is needed is some local knowledge, common sense and an insurance agent who will work for you and not the insurance company to keep the costs at a reasonable level.

Contact Rueck Insurance at 217-355-9075 and let us work with the 5+ insurance options who will accept drivers with an International Driver's License and let us find the best deal for you!


Lower Gas Prices Mean Higher Rates for Allstate Customers in Illinois

Insurance Rate Increase

The lower gas prices we are having right now is going to put an estimated $75 Billion dollars back into the pockets of drivers this year. However some insurance companies like Allstate and Geico say that cheap gas is going to cost their customers more with higher rates.


Allstate intends to raise it's car insurance rates an average of 4%. According to Allstate CEO Tom Wilson  "More miles driven, more cars on the road, more accidents" he stated in a recent interview.

That's funny I don't recall Allstate lowering their rates when gas prices were at there highest.

  • In the summer of 2008 when rates topped $4.00 in many areas
  • In 2012 when the average was $3.60 a gallon
  • In 2013 when the average was $3.65 a gallon
  • In 2014 when the average was $3.40 a gallon

Wouldn't the same logic apply Mr. Wilson? Higher Gas Prices = Less miles driven, less cars on the road, less accidents should equal lower rates...correct? 

If you look at Allstate's Rate Filings on the Illinois Department of Insurance's website you might be shocked to find that Allstate

  •  In 2008 filed for 3 rate increases for car insurance (March, August and November)
  •  In 2009 filed for 3 rate increases for car insurance (January, July, and December)
  •  In 2010 filed for 3 rate increases for car insurance (February, September and October)
  •  In 2011 filed for 5 rate increases for car insurance (June, July, August, September and November)
  •  In 2012 filed for 1 rate increase for car insurance (April)
  •  In 2013 filed for 3 rate increases for car insurance (January, April, and December)
  •  In 2014 filed for 1 rate increase for car insurance (October)
  •  In 2015 filed for 1 rate increase for car insurance (April), but the Rate filings page has not been updated during the Illinois Budget Crisis and does not reflect the announced upcoming price increase that Mr. Wilson mentioned. 

So if you add that up that would be 20 rate increase filings for Allstate in Illinois since 2008 when gas prices were at their peak. Far more than any other company during that time. Not to mention 10 rate increase filings on Allstate Home Insurance during that same time.

So maybe Tom Wilson's theory doesn't hold any water.

How can lower gas prices equal higher rates, when higher gas prices also equal high rates? 

Greedy Agent

This should infuriate Allstate customers when they look at the amount of profit Allstate made over this same period of time. 

  • In 2008 profit was $1.4 Billion dollars
  • In 2009 profit was $1.546 Billion dollars
  • In 2010 profit was $1.053 Billion dollars
  • In 2011 profit was $403 Millions dollars
  • In 2012 profit was $1.968 Billion dollars
  • In 2013 profit was $2.754 Billion dollars
  • In 2014 profit was $2.85 Billion dollars
  • In 2015 profit is $1.443 Billion dollars through September's 3rd quarter results.

With record profits each year I fail to see the need to raise the rates of Allstate customers every year. Instead of taking these profits are rewarding the Allstate policy holders with lower rates, Allstate is rewarding the shareholders at the increased expense to it's customers.


Full disclosure: I was an Allstate Agent for 12 years and I have seen the hardship that these constant rate increases have had on the Allstate policy holders in the Champaign, Urbana area and throughout Illinois that used to be my clients. That is why I developed an exclusive program that so far has brought Rate Relief to 98% of Allstate customers who used my program with an average savings of 33%!


If you are sick and tired of the constant rate increases while the company posts record profits each year, give Rueck Insurance a call at 217-355-9075 or contact us hereand use "RATE RELIEF" as the subject.






Why is Rental Car Coverage Extra?

Sometimes Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage is confused with Coverage for Renting a Car. So lets clear this up first.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage will pay you back for the cost to rent a car (reimburse) if you car is involved in a covered collision or comprehensive loss or accident. . Rental Reimbursement coverage will pay up to a certain dollar amount per day, usually $30-$40, and only for a limited time, usually 30 days. It will not reimburse you if your car is in the shop for mechanical reasons however.

Coverage for Renting a Car will depend upon the Coverage you have on your current insurance policy. This is a questions you should ask you agent before you rent a car because there are a few dangerous loopholes in the rental car agreement. Learn about those here

Now I am not an Insurance Company CEO, so I don't make the rules, but here are a few reasons why I believe it is optional.

  • Many people simply don't need it. If you have an extra car in your driveway or garage, you could probably get by a few days while your car is in the body shop. If you have more than one car available if needed you might be able to get by without a rental car. It might take some juggling of schedules but it can be done. 
  • Today's insurance consumer is incredibly price conscious. Most want the lowest price possible when shopping for insurance, but then want the most coverage at the time of a claim. In an effort to have the lowest base price insurance companies make this coverage optional to attract more clients. 

If you only have 1 car I feel you really must have this coverage. You will still need to get to work or school, you will still need to get groceries and food. You won't realize how much you depend on your car until you can't drive it for a few days

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