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At Rueck Insurance we know that insurance can be confusing, that's why we are taking the time to answer 100 most frequently asked insurance questions and post the here on the Rueck Insurance Blog

We Hope that the 100 Frequently Asked Questions will become a valued resource for you when you need to make an informed insurance decision.

We know you are busy, that's why we took the time to also record the answer to each question and put them on YouTube in a video that is 2 minutes or less.

That means you can find the answer to your insurance questions in 2 minutes or less and get back to your busy day!

It’s our hope that you will find very useful answers to some common insurance questions while getting to know us a little better at the same time.

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100 Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Auto Insurance

1. Why do rates go up as the value of my vehicle goes down?

2.  What is the Difference between Collision and Comprehensive Coverge?

3.  Does Car Insurance Cover a Chipped or Broken Windshield?

4.  Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage? 

5.  Do I have Insurance when I drive my new car off the lot?

6.  Should I buy a 6 or 12 month Insurance Policy?

7.  If my Garage burns down, will my homeowners insurance cover the damage to my car?

8.   Do you need insurance for a rental car?

9.   I am borrowing a friend's I covered?

10. What do I need to get a car insurance quote?

11. Should I buy Gap Insurance for my New Car?

12. Does Insurance cover theft of personal property from my car?

13. Why don't All Insurance Companies Offer Accident Forgiveness? 

Home Insurance

1. Is Termite Damage covered on my Home Insurance Policy?

2.  Do I need Flood Insurance? 

3. Will getting a Pet Raise My Insurance Rate?

4. What do I need to get a Home Insurance Quote?

5. What is "other structures" property coverage on my Home Insurance?

General Insurance Questions and Terms

1. Why does Credit Affect the Price of My Insurance?


3. Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number to get an insurance quote?

4. Does how I pay for my insurance affect my rate?

5. What is Insurance Price Optimization? The Insurance Industry's Dirty Little Secret


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Why Does Credit Affect the Price of My Insurance?

Over 90% of Insurance Companies in Illinois use information from your credit report to determine the price you pay for insurance and they do it because the  Illinois Department of insurance allows it.

Insurance Company's have submitted that There’s a statistical correlation between your credit score and how likely you are to file a claim, and insurers use this correlation as the reason for the practice of raising rates for drivers with bad credit.
A Good FICO score does not automatically mean a good rate. Many insurance companies look at different factors in your credit report and use their own formula to give you what they call an "Insurance Score". They use your insurance score to determine your rate for your car and home insurance. The information each company uses is "proprietary" so they are very secretive about what information they use. The don't want the other insurance companies to figure out their scoring method.
But is it fair to use credit to determine your insurance rates?
Just because it is allowed doesn't mean it is fair. In fact three states, California, Hawaii and Massachusetts have outlawed the practice. Many consumer advocate groups are pushing other states to also ban the practice, but are facing a tough fight from the insurance companies. It looks like credit based insurance is here to stay for now.

Why do rates go up as the value of my vehicle goes down?

Every year your car gets another year older and the value depreciates a little more...So why do your insurance rates never go down?

It's true your car value goes down significantly every and the average depreciation after 5 years is 60%, but your insurance rates stay the same (if you are lucky) or go up each year. 

There are 3 main reason for this .

1. The cost to repair your car or truck never decreases.  Your insurance pays for the the repair of your car (if you have collision and comprehensive coverage) and the body shop doesn't pay it's employees less to work on a 2008 Ford than they do for a 2015 Ford. The costs at a body shop only increase each year.

2. As your car gets older parts to repair can get harder to find. In fact if you keep your car for 10 years you might see a slight bump in premium because it gets increasingly difficult to find parts to repair your car.

3. One major part of your insurance is Bodily Injury Liability coverage. That is what pays the medical bills of people you may injure in another vehicle in an accident. If you have been to the Doctor or Hospital lately you know that medical bills have not decreased.

So even though your car is older and has less value, the cost of the benefits of your policy are increasing each and every year and that is why it is unlikely you will ever see your rate go down.

If you would like a quote on your car insurance, give Rueck Insurance a call at 217-355-9075. As an Illinois Insurance Broker we shop your rate with over 10 companies to find you the best deal. 



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