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No, as an agent, I never pull someone’s credit report, but over 95% of insurance companies use some information from your credit report to help determine your rate.


The carriers that we use will do what’s called a soft credit pull.  There are two types of credit pulls done, a soft and hard.  A hard credit pull is what happens when you directly apply for credit with a company for a car, auto, or personal loan.  Our soft credit pull doesn’t affect your credit score and we at Rueck Insurance  will never see your score or report.


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Moving to Champaign - Urbana?

If you're moving to Champaign -Urbana and needing to rent a U-Haul or large moving truck, remember to purchase the insurance offered over the counter from the moving truck company. Your personal auto policy automatically covers damage to a car you rent, but it has to apply to a similar type of vehicle that would be covered on that policy. I know the kid inside of us would have dreamed of driving a moving truck or dump truck everyday back and forth to your office job, but the insurance companies don’t quite see it that way and would not cover this type of truck on your personal auto policy.

If the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) exceeds 10,000 lbs., this would not be covered on most policies. It can and does happen that you cause damage to the large moving truck you’re renting to move from Champaign to Savoy, Illinois. Driving through and backing up one of these whales in a small storage facility is tricky but you don’t have to be the one to personally foot the cost of repairs and lost rental income if you back up into something and cause damage.

Make sure to purchase:

the insurance offered by the moving company to cover property damage to the truck AND
coverage that pays for the loss of use by the moving/truck company. You don’t want to get stuck with the cost of renting the beast out while it’s being repaired for 15 days+.
If you are moving to Champaign - Urbana  and ever have questions about your personal insurance or whether a vehicle you use for business should have a different type of policy, call Dave at Rueck Insurance for more information – 217-355-9075. Drive safe and watch out for those trees when driving a big moving truck.

Good News for Champaign Homeowners, Your home insurance rates could be coming down.


The Champaign Fire Department was just awarded the best possible score by ISO (Insurance Service Office) which measures and evaluates fire departments across the country and assigned them a score of 1-10. 1 is the best score and 10 is the worst score. The rate on your home insurance is determined in part by your city's ISO score. Champaign previously had an ISO of 2 so homeowners could see a slight decrease in their rates.

According to WCIA3 fewer than 200 fire departments out of 48,000 achieve the Class 1 rating.


Picture from WCIA3 website. 

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Rueck Insurance is your independent, one-stop insurance center for all your personal and business insurance needs in Illinois.

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