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You have put it off long enough, it's time to start looking for car insurance

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I am going to share with you what to have ready before you call your local Champaign -Urbana insurance agent so you can provide all of the required information in just one phone call or email and try and take some of the hassle out of the process for you.


There are many factors and variables that go into calculating insurance rates, but I do still get people calling me thinking I can tell them how much will be to insurance a 2001 Ford with no other information. We need to know much more about you, any other drivers, the car(s) and where you live to get solid numbers for your proposal.

Part 1 - The Drivers

  • We will need the name of each driver (as it appears on their drivers license)
  • The address where each car is parked/garaged
  • Do you own your home or do you rent? (potential discounts here)
  • Are you currently insured? 
  • If so with who? (potential discounts for some companies)
  • When does your current policy expire?
  • How long have you been insured with them?
  • The birth-dates of each driver
  • Each Drivers License Number
  • Each Drivers Social Security Number
  • A listing of each drivers ticket and accident history for the last 5 years. If you don't know don't worry, do your best to remember or ask the agent to run your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) and Loss Reports. These reports will list any accidents or insurance claims that you have been a part of as well as any tickets on your driving record.

TIP- Be honest and up-front with any claims or driving infractions. The MVR and Loss Reports must be ordered before we can start your policy so it's better to find out sooner rather than later and then you will get a more accurate proposal from the start.

Part 2 - The Car(s)

  • We will need to know the Year, Make and Model of each car
  • Is there a sub-model of the car? (Think XLT, GT, EX for example.) Most cars have several different submodels and the prices can range quite a bit between them.

TIP- If you have the VIN for each car it will narrow it down greatly and give you a more accurate proposal.

Part 3 - The Coverage

  • We will need to know what level of coverage you want for each car for Liability limits. (if you have not reviewed your insurance for a few years you may not have the correct coverage for your situation)
  • What deductibles do you want for collision and comprehensive coverage or do you just want liability coverage.
  • Do you want roadside assistance or rental reimbursement coverage? Most people leave this off when getting a quote looking for the lowest price, but are surprised to find they don't have the correct coverage when it is time to file a claim. 

TIP- Have your current Declarations Page from your insurance company.  (If you have this it will save you a lot of time and hassle)

  • It will have your current coverage limits
  • It will have the VIN for each of your cars listed
  • It will have the effective and expiration dates of your current policy

That's it. If you can have that information on hand before you give Rueck Insurance a call at 217-355-9075 it will make the process much easier for you and take less of your time.  You can even fax us the information at 217-355-9096.


Is Termite Damage Covered on My Home Insurance Policy?


termite damage

Termites can be a big problem in Illinois, but can your home insurance help you if have termite damage?

Every year termites cause and estimated $5 billion in property damage according to The National Pest Management Association. And even though these little monsters can cause significant damage to your home this type of loss is typically not covered on your home insurance.  Most homeowners insurance policies in Illinois only cover sudden and accidental damage, they're not designed to cover damage from termites or other pest infestations that are preventable through regular home maintenance and upkeep. 

termites in dirt 573x300


Signs of Termite Infestation

Periodic home inspections are also key, and may help uncover an infestation in its early stages. The EPA offers suggestions on how to diagnose a potential termite problem:

  • Look for termite tunnels, called mud tubes, which are made of mud, excreted wood and other debris (the termites will appear as creamy white insects, the EPA says). Look for them around the foundation or other areas around your home where there is exposed wood.


  • Look for signs of decay or damage on wood surfaces, both inside and out. Use a hammer to tap the wood (listening for a "hollow" sound) or use a flathead screwdriver to gently probe the wood and expose any cavities, which, according to the EPA, might indicate an infestation.

Some people mistakenly identify termites as flying ants, but the EPA says there are two distinct differences between the two. While ant antennae are bent at a 90-degree angle, termite antenna are straight; and while the front wings of ants are larger than the hind wings, termites have wings that are equal in size. If you suspect termites, the EPA suggests contacting a state-licensed pest professional.


There are several options for Pest Control in the Champaign Urbana area, but I don't have experience with any of the options so I can't recommend one service over the other. I would suggest looking for Yelp! and Google+ reviews to find a company that might be a good fit. I would suggest all homeowners have their property inspected every few years. 

Case 823

Recent Client Case Study #823

Former Insurance Company: Allstate

Time Insured: 38 years Policies: 3 Autos

New Insurance Company: Travelers

This Champaign resident came to us from Allstate Insurance where they had their 3 cars insured for 38 years. This case study is further proof that loyalty to an insurance company is one of the most costly financial errors you can make. Loyalty is a one way street with insurance companies.

We reviewed their policy and used our exclusive program to shop their rate with over 20 top-rated companies. The findings were phenomenal as we brought this family Rate Relief from Allstate with an annual savings of $2451 a year or 67.5%! We did not skip on coverage to arrive at these savings. We were able to increase both their liability limits and medical coverage and add roadside assistance to their new Travelers policy. Better coverage + Huge Savings = Happy Customers.

Our Exclusive Program has a 98% success rate in bringing rate relief to Allstate insured's in the Champaign Urbana area as well as the state of Illinois with an average savings of 34%. Call us today at 217-355-9075 to bring some rate relief to your family.



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