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Congratulations! You are one of the chosen few to be on-boarded with the hottest home based company going right now LuLaRoe. Or maybe you have been with them for a little while already. Either way you have become quite popular as every woman seems to want to get her hands on those LuLaRoe fashions.

LuLaRoe Inventory


Things are probably a little overwhelming right now as you sort through and organize your inventory, plan your display set ups and book those parties, but I want you to take a few minutes to read this and make sure you have properly protected your major investment.

Sometimes people don’t give home-based business any thought from an insurance standpoint.  It’s estimated that over half of all home based businesses are under-insured.  The Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) say nearly 40% of those they surveyed are under-insured because they thought their homeowners insurance policy covered their business.

Have you done anything to make sure your investment and business is properly insured?



Action Item #1- Check Your Policy to see how much Business Personal Property coverage your current policy has included 

LuLaRoe seems to have a higher start up and inventory cost than most other Home Based Businesses I have come across with many representatives spending $5,000 to $15,000 in inventory alone. 

Many LuLaRoe reps I have spoken with believe since they keep their inventory at home that it would be covered on their Homeowners Insurance. While your home insurance might cover some Business Personal Property (BPP), usually that amount is very small and only a fraction of your LuLaRoe investment, and many policies will only cover your BPP while in your home and not at all when you are out doing a show or event. 


Action Item #2- Is BPP (Business Personal Property) covered only at home?

You will probably doing many shows at friends and customers homes and maybe even some Ladies Night Out's and Vendor Fairs. You should check you policy and make certain that your BPP will be covered once you leave your home. After all we are talking about a major investment here. 


Action Item #3- Do you have clients/customers come to your home to transact business? Will your Policy Cover That? 

Most insurance companies are okay with home based businesses, provided they don't have foot traffic at the location. That means if you have clients come to your home it could be a Huge Red Flag for your insurance company. Your home policy is only set up for Personal Liability only, any time money changes hands it becomes a business transaction and opens you up for a huge gap in coverage and potential lawsuit in the event of an injury.


 Where do I go from here?

Don’t worry! It’s not all doom & gloom! You have options! Depending on how big of a  business you own there are options and that’s why it helps to talk to your insurance agent about what will work best for your home business.

Options range from endorsements on your home insurance policy, in-home business insurance policies and depending on the business, the potential need for a Business Owners Package policy (BOP). An independent insurance agent can help you find the best coverage and best protection for the best pricing.

We also will work with you to keep up on the changes to your business throughout each year.

Again, our congratulations! Whether it’s your first business venture or your tenth, we’re happy to count you among the business owners we know. We can’t wait to hear more about your dreams and consequently help you protect them!

If You would like to speak with us about your Illinois Insurance Options for your LuLaRoe business we can be reached at 217-355-9075.



Does My Car Insurance Cover me if I Drive for Uber or Lyft in Champaign Urbana Illinois?

Driving for Uber, Lyft or another ride-hailing company is a great way to earn a living or just make some extra cash. It's easy and convenient, but did you know that these companies don't provide full coverage for your vehicle if you get into an accident?

But don't worry, you have a great option! Rueck Insurance can provide the coverage you need, and the best part is that it can cost as little as $0.20 a day! That's right, you can protect your vehicle, family and livelihood for as little as a few pennies a day.*

We work with several companies who offer insurance for Uber, Lyft and Ride-Hailing drivers In Champaign, Urbana, Bloomington. Normal and all of Illinois


Call 217-355-9075 Today to Get a Quote.


Here's how it works

coverage UBER

The company for which you drive only provides limited insurance coverage during the time your ride-hailing app is on, but have not yet accepted a fare (Period 1). Once you accept a fare or are transporting a fare, you will have coverage under the commercial insurance policy for the company for which you drive.

It is very important to understand, however, that your personal auto insurance policy only provides coverage when your ride-hailing app is off. This means that when your app is on and you're looking for a fare, you probably aren't fully covered.


So at this point, you have to ask yourself... do I feel lucky?

Your answer should be no, because what if you get into an accident in Period 1? Who will pay to repair the damage to other vehicles and drivers, and who will pay to fix your car? It definitely won't be your insurance company, and it probably won't be the ride-hailing company's insurance company. It may be you.

Rueck Insurance to the rescue!

Our ride-hailing coverage will fill the gaps and provide you with high quality insurance that will provide you excess coverage in Period 1 when the TNC coverage isn't in effect. If you get into an accident and you're liable, we'll pay to fix the damage to the other vehicle(s), we'll pay for any resulting injuries, and we'll pay to have your vehicle fixed at one of our amazing repair facilities.**

Don't wait, make the call to one our agents today to get a quote and learn more. You'll be glad you did.

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Can I change my Medigap policy during the annual enrollment?

Changing Medicare supplement plans often requires you to go through medical underwriting.

This is a very common misconception because people get confused about the Annual Election Period that Medicare holds each fall from October 15th – December 7th. During this time, you can change ONLY your Medicare Part D drug plan and/or your Medicare Advantage plan. This period DOES NOT, however, apply to Medicare supplements, also known as Medigap plans.

Medicare supplements are private health insurance policies, just like life insurance. When you first turn 65 or enroll in Part B, whichever comes later, you get a ONE-TIME windo during which you can buy any supplement and the insurance company cannot turn you down for health reasons. After that six-month open enrollment window passes, you can still apply to change your Medicare supplement; however, you now have to answer the health questions on the application and pass the carrier’s underwriting to be accepted.

It’s important for you to know this if you are new to Medicare and you have health conditions that you feel might cause you to be declined in the future. You will want to try to use your one-time open enrollment window wisely to choose a carrier with a proven track record of low rate increases.

So just remember, the Annual Election Period (AEP) in the fall is for Part D drug plan changes and Medicare Advantage plan changes only. Certainly you could leave a Medicare Advantage plan during this time and apply for a Medicare supplement instead, but in most cases, you will have to pass medical underwriting to be approved for the new supplement – it is not guaranteed that you will be approved for the supplement coverage.

Curious to know whether you can change Medicare supplement plans and lower your premiums? Give us a call and we can help you answer that question.

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