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Champaign Fire

My Urgent Plea to Renters in the Champaign Urbana area.

Yesterday's 2 alarm fire that destroyed an apartment building was a real eye opener for me. It made me sick to see such a tragic event in our community. I am very thankful that nobody was hurt but I am very sad to see how many people lost everything they own in the blink of an eye. Especially because many of them probably didn't have renters insurance to cover their belongings. 

Protect your stuff for as low as $3 a week!

Renter's Insurance is cheap, ridiculously cheap in most cases! For as little as $0.41 a day, $2.87 a week $11.50 a month you could cover your personal belongings. Most renters policies begin at around $150 a year for $25,000 in coverage. You can add coverage to suit your specific needs.

Do something Today!

If you rent a home or an apartment in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, Rantoul, Mahomet or anyplace in Illinois. I urge you to get a renters quote today from a licensed insurance agent. You can call us at 217.355.9075 and we can get you quotes from over 8 companies. You can call another agent if you prefer, but take action today!

The Landlord's policy doesn't cover You!

The landlord has a policy on the property, but it only cover's the building and has zero coverage for your belongings!  



case 292 v2

Recent Client Case Study #292

Former Insurance Company: State Farm

Time Insured: 30 Years

New Insurance Company: Travelers


State Farm Loyalty Tax


David received his latest renewal from State Farm and he saw another rate increase! Granted it was a small one (only $13), but he had noticed that every time his policy renewed his price went up so he called his local agent. The agent was no help at all to David and told him, that’s the way it was and there wasn’t anything he could do and that David would have to live with it.

That’s when David decided enough was enough and gave us a call to set up an appointment to go over his insurance options. We met with David, reviewed his policies and insurance goals and then got to work. We quoted David’s policies with 11 different options in order to find him the best value for his insurance dollar. Our system requires these 11 companies to compete for David’s business and the results show that. Of the 11 options presented 10 of them offered David a lower rate for similar coverage, with the lowest priced option saving David & Cathy 33%! While adding MORE coverage!

Loyalty to an insurance company is a One Way street and one of the most costly financial mistakes you can make each year.

Keep your insurance company honest and contact an Independent Agent/Broker like Rueck Insurance today (217.355.9075) and stop paying a loyalty tax to your insurance company.



case 292


Have premiums for your medigap policy been increasing over the past few years? Here's how to lower the cost.


If you like the coverage offered by your current policy, it's smart to shop your letter plan with competing carriers. Under federal law, insurers who provide medigap coverage -- which helps pay out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services, including Part A and Part B -- may sell only standardized policies identified by letters A through N in most states. Each policy identified by the same lettermust offer the same benefits. Usually, the only difference between same-letter policies is cost -- and the price range can be surprisingly large. For example, a 65 year old male in Champaign, Illinois can be charged anywhere from $126 to $248/month for the same popular Plan F.


Also, consider a Plan G.

Plans F and G are the two most popular medigap plans, because they offer the most complete coverage, providing seniors with as little out of medical pocket costs as possible. Plan G covers everything that Plan F does (including the Medicare excess charges and the foreign travel benefit). The ONLY difference is that Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible ($147/year in 2015). However, the average premium for Plan G is usually at least $300 less per year than a Plan F - so you have an extra $153/year left in your pocket! Because of this, Plan G is usually the best value plan for your money.

Saving money is a great start, but there are other reasons why Plan G is usually a better plan choice long term. As a licensed agent, I am happy to provide you a cost free rate analysis, and show you the potential savings that switching to a Plan G can offer!

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