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Understanding IL SR22

Understanding Illinois SR-22 Insurance
According to Illinois state law, whether you own or drive a vehicle, auto insurance is mandatory.  In case you don’t have insurance proof and you are caught recklessly driving or you are involved in a car accident, your driving license is suspended by the department of motor vehicle also known as DMV.
Failing to comply with the state law not only results in suspension of your license but you are then required to hold SR-22 insurance certification.

What is SR-22 Insurance?
This insurance policy is a certificate for high-risk drivers that show DMV the proof of your auto insurance for the future. It is a form issued by the insurance company that certifies that you have obtained car insurance coverage from them as required by law.
Under this policy, the insurance company also notifies the department of motor vehicle, the moment your auto insurance policy either expires, lapses or is canceled.
This policy varies from state to state. However, the typically it lasts for three year and in some states it extends up to 5 years.
Whether you own a vehicle or not if you have been caught in a DUI incident, then you have to carry this insurance policy especially if you reside in Illinois.
Types of Coverage Policy
This policy can be divided into three categories

  • SR-22 Car Insurance
  • SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance
  • SR-22 Non-Owners Policy

The first two imply in the case if you, the driver, has a vehicle either of the two and have been caught in reckless driving violation.
However, the third policy stated, provides coverage to the driver who does not own a vehicle but has been caught in a serious violation while driving others vehicle.
How it Works?
This policy is a certificate that guarantees to the state’s DMV that you have obtained at least the minimum amount of coverage as required by the state law.
If you cancel your liability insurance, the DMV will suspend your license right away and penalize you for further.
This insurance policy provides you, the driver, essential coverage including like liability, medical, collision and uninsured motorist coverage.
While additional coverage options include rental car benefits, towing and replacement cost.
Do You Require This Insurance Coverage Certification?
Not everybody requires this certification. Only drivers who have a record of serious violations are required to hold this certification.
This certification is carried to reinstate a suspended or canceled/revoked driver’s license. Violations that qualify for this certification are:
DUI or DWI Violation
This occurs when you are caught driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug that can reduce your judgment ability.
Failure to Abide By the Law
When you fail to hold minimum liability insurance, as required by the law of your State, you qualify for this insurance certification.
Suspended License
As discussed earlier, if your license gets suspended, you have to carry this certification for certain number of years depending on the violation.
Nonetheless the insurance coverage requirements differ from person to person depending on the offense. To ensure you choose the best insurance company for this insurance certification, get quotes from different companies and compare them. Select the one that meets your coverage requirements adequately.

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