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Eliminate the “pain” of shopping for insurance.

I get it, the very last thing on your list of things to do is ‘shop for insurance”  You may even prefer a trip to the dentist for a root canal over making a dozen calls shopping for cheap car insurance. Answering the same questions over and over, dodging salesman trying to “put you in a policy today” can make the average Champaign Urbana resident scream.

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There is a Better way to shop for insurance.

Here at Rueck Insurance we have developed a Zero-Hassle way for you to shop for car, home or life insurance. Consider us your personal insurance shoppers.  We will collect your information and shop your rate with the 23+ insurance companies we represent. We make the companies compete to get you the best price possible. Give us a call at 217-355-9075 and we can do the shopping for you.

Don't take our word for it...hear what others have said about our service from our Google+ page Rueck Insurance

  • I highly recommend Rueck Insurance to anyone who wants a pressure/hassle free insurance shopping experience. (Evan E)
  • No complaints at all. He has taken the frustration out of insurance for me. (Brenda R)
  • Dave has an unbelievable commitment to customer service and he has always put my interests first. (David R)
  • Working with Dave is like working with family. He takes care of my policy changes instantly. He is professional, courteous, and always willing to help. (Kathy D)

I understand you dread shopping for insurance, I strive to make it as easy hassle-free process for you. I only want the best deal for You!




Social Security Card

All you hear nowadays is to never give out you social security number to help prevent identity theft. Why do I need to provide it to get an estimate for my car or home insurance?

That’s a great question. In order to receive an accurate insurance estimate you will need to provide several important pieces of person information.  For starters we will need you legal name, date of birth, current address and zip code where your car is ‘garaged’.  If you have lived at your residence for less than 2 years we will need your previous address. You must also supply certain information about your vehicle. Year Built, Make and Model are mandatory and if you have the VIN it will help get you a more accurate proposal. There are so many sub models to cars today (LX, EX, LT, etc), the VIN is very helpful in getting the most accurate price first.

Next is the sticking point for some people…the social security number. It is need for two reasons.

  1. 90% of insurance companies use information from your credit report to help determine your rate. Don’t worry, the agent won’t have access to your credit score or credit report. Each company will take whatever information they are looking for and assign you an “insurance Score”. This ‘insurance score’ will determine what group they place you in for rating your policy.
  2. The main reason your social security number is needed for an accurate insurance quote is that most insurance companies use a loss sharing service called CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange). Any prior losses or claims will be stored here under your social security number.  The company needs to verify if you have any losses or claims before they can assign you an accurate rate.

If you are just looking for a quick estimate, you shouldn’t need to provide your social security number. When you are looking for a more serious quote the insurance company will need this information to complete your proposal. 

Buying car insurance is a very confusing time for many people. If you have never purchased car insurance yourself it is very easy to get overwhelmed by all the terms and jargon. Here at Rueck Insurance we do our best to help the Champaign and Urbana area understand their car insurance in terms they can understand. 

One of the top questions we get is what kind of policy should I buy, a 6 month or 12 month policy?

We feel that a 12 month policy is the better option for most people.

Some car insurance companies (Allstate, State Farm, American Family, Country Financial) only offer a 6 month insurance policy, why is that? Simple it benefits them! It gives them the chance to adjust your rate HIGHER twice a year. You need to ask your agent if they offer a 12 month option. If they do not it might be a good time to shop around. Here are some reasons why a 12 month policy is better for consumers.

  • An annual policy "locks in" your rate for a year. Any ticket, accident or rate increase filed by your insurance company will not affect you until your next renewal.
  • The 6 month policy gives the advantage to the insurance company and gives them the opportunity to raise your rate twice a year.
  • Many insurance companies offer you an additional discount if you choose the annual option. 
  • One single bill for the entire year

There are some cases when a 6 month policy makes sense

  • If you have a ticket or accident that will "fall off" your record during the next year. 
  • You or a member of your family will be having a significant birthday during the next year. For example turning 18, 21 or 25, these milestone birthdays often come with a big discount on your insurance.
  • You will be getting married with the next year. The rate of a married driver is usually much better than a single driver.

The way we see it, if you have been a good driver with a clean driving record, we think the wise move is to buy the 12 month policy. On the other hand if your driving record is due to become "clean" or if you have a significant birthday within the next 6 months, we would suggest the 6 month policy until after the date passes. If you have a question please give us a call at 217-355-9075.

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Rueck Insurance is your independent, one-stop insurance center for all your personal and business insurance needs in Illinois.

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