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Buying Insurance Online? Beware of the Hidden Costs and Fine Print.




Unless you don't own a TV you have seen hundreds of adds over the last few years from Geico, Esurance and the other online only insurance companies. There are some hidden costs that you should be aware of if you choose to buy your insurance online.  

  • Make sure your policy is fully underwritten before you make a down payment! I have heard that some of these online companies do not order your loss report and driving record until AFTER you have purchased the policy. All of a sudden your $50 a month price is over $100 once they find out you may have had a ticket or accident.
  • Fees, fees and more fees! Esurance (owned by Allstate) may offer you low price when you are shopping, but they never mention all of the fees the will be charging you.
  1. Policy Fee $10 - Just for the priviledge of starting a policy with them!
  2. Late Payment Fee $15- You better hope the payment gets there on time or your rate will be heading up
  3. Driver Exclusion Fee $25- If you have a driver in your residence that you need to exclude from your policy for any reason...cha-ching
  4. Paper Documents Fee $25 -If you want a copy of your policy, be prepared to fork over more $. What kind of trees are they printing the policy on anyway to charge $25?
  5. Cancellation Fee $50- They really don't want you to leave, and if you do prepare to pay.
  • Those are the fees listed on the Esurance website, I have heard from other agents that they will also charge fees for policy changes. Move to new address, cha-ching! Change cars, cha-ching! Very quickly that savings you thought you signed up for is gone.

A simple way to avoid those fees and hidden costs:

There is a better way to shop for car insurance in Illinois, use an Independent Agent/Broker. Here at Rueck Insurance in Champaign, we represent over 23 companies and We Shop for You! We Never charge a fee to service a policy! 

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flooded houses

The easy answer to the question, “Do I need Illinois flood insurance?” is yes!

You do need Illinois flood insurance if you own property. It is your choice as to whether purchasing  flood insurance makes financial sense or if you believe in the Illinois flood insurance product. But the truth of the matter is that a flood can happen anywhere, not just in traditional flood zones, as was the case with the Northeast US and Hurricane Irene this fall.

Many areas that had never seen significant water before were completely destroyed.  A standard Illinois home insurance policy is not going to cover a loss resulting from a flood.

It’s important that you do not confuse Illinois flood insurance with water-backup and sump pump failure coverage, which is the result of water backing up into the house through pipes and drains. This coverage can be easily endorsed onto a Illinois home insurance policy.


You can absolutely save a few dollars a month if you take advantage of some cost saving discounts and options offered by most  car and home insurance  companies in Illinois.

Most insurance carriers have multiple payment options including but not limited to:

  • EFT (Electronic funds transfer)
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Paid in Full

Some companies will even give a discount if you Pay-in-Full or use EFT payments. If you don’t pay-in-full, every insurance company will charge you a per payment fee. The amount of the fee depends on the company.

The bottom line is make as few payments as possible to avoid installment fees and keep your overall costs down.


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