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Homeowners Insurance- Safeguard Your Property

Over the last decade United States of America has witnessed some of the ferociously destructive and catastrophic natural disasters.

The country faced another harrowing disaster this year, the hurricane Sandy that hit the northeastern states including New York and New Jersey. It destroyed and swept away millions of homes and left many people astray on the streets.

According to a report, only the Americans who had adequate home insurance coverage were able to go back to their normal lives after they were affected by the calamities discussed above.

Why buy a House insurance coverage policy?

Unlike car insurance, house insurance is not mandatory by law in the USA. However, buying a home insurance policy is a smart investment especially in times like these when the Earth is going through extreme global changes. And according to the WCRP (World Climate Research Program) more calamities are predicted for the years to come. This coverage works as a safety net and helps you recover from the property loss with ease.

A good insurance policy purchased from a reliable insurance company, can save you a lot of money in the event in which something happens to your house like theft and natural disaster.

A decent policy can also assist you with other house related issues like building your home that is resistant to natural calamities. It also covers for your possessions. However, it does not pay for all contents or problems caused by poor maintenance like wear and tear.

Though this coverage is not applicable by law, a lot of mortgage companies require house insurance coverage as part of their finance agreement, before you borrow money from them.

Typical Homeowner Insurance policies:

There are six different types of homeowner insurance policies in the United States of America.

Dwelling Policy
This policy only covers for the damages caused to the structure of your house.

The Other Structure Coverage Policy
It covers for the damages for other structures attached to your home like detached garage, fencing and tool shed.

Personal Property
This home insurance coverage policy covers your personal possessions up to a set limit. It includes personal household belongings like appliances, clothing and furniture but remember not all belongings are covered.

Additional Living Expense
This policy covers the additional expenses incurred by you, the insured, so that you can maintain your normal standard of living.

Personal Liability
This coverage protects you against lawsuits that take place from accidents to individuals on the property you own or have rented.

Medical Expense
This policy covers medical expenses caused by accidents on your premises to others.

Supplemental Policies

Besides these, there are other supplemental home insurance policies too such as

  • Floater/ valuable articles policy
  • lood coverage policy
  • Earthquake insurance policy
  • nimal Liability (liability issues due to household pets)

To ensure you select the best homeowner's insurance policy, you must first find out the replacement cost of your home. This will help you buy a policy that guarantees full replacement cost coverage in case your house gets destroyed.

Besides this, if you live in Illinois, you may also include supplemental insurance policies like earthquake policy for better coverage from hazards.

Also, get quotes from different insurance companies, compare them and choose the one that suits you best.

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