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Umbrella Coverage- Enjoy Extended Liability
If you live in Illinois and drive a vehicle, you would already have auto insurance with certain amount of liability coverage against bodily injuries and property damage.  Have you ever thought if you overrun your liability coverage, how will you pay off the remaining amount?
Are you willing to put your assets at stake or do you have enough liquidity to pay off all the charges filed against you?
To cope with times like these, you need Umbrella insurance. It provides you extended liability. It covers you when the liability limit of your regular insurance policies is exceeded.
For example if your auto insurance liability limit is $100,000 and the lawsuit filed by the other party against you if of $300,000. If you have extended liability, the remaining $200,000 will be covered by your Umbrella policy. This will protect your asset from being at risk.
What it Covers?
Umbrella (extended Liability) offers a minimum of $1,000,000 coverage. This policy offers you excess coverage beyond your regular insurance policies. It provides you coverage for things that are not listed in your regular insurance liability policy. The policy also compensates in situations where you lose your pay from work to attend legal proceedings.
It also protects your dependent children. This means if your dependent daughter or son gets into a car accident, the policy will cover for them too. You can benefit from this policy only if your homeowners or auto insurance liability reaches its limit. It covers:
Property Damage or Personal Injury
This policy covers you and your family if any property damage or personal injury occurs on your premises.
Personal Liability
This covers for any kind of incidence that happens on your premises to others such as your neighbor slips on your premises or your dog bites him/her.
Protection against Slander
It provides you protection and defense against libel, false arrest or slander.
Lawyers Fee
It pays for your lawyer in case you have to hire one to defend yourself in the court against a lawsuit.
Umbrella Insurance Requirement
Since this is a secondary or additional insurance coverage, you are only eligible for this insurance if you already have certain amount of insurance under any of the two policies auto or homeowners insurance.
Steps to Buy Extended Insurance
Many people think that extended insurance means that you have to pay a higher premium on your regular insurance policies which is true but if you do a proper and a comprehensive research on insurance companies you can find yourself a cost effective deal.
Before you choose an insurance company, get quotes; compare the coverage and premiums of different companies to see which company suits you best. Evaluate your needs, check your lawsuit history and then make your choice.
To ensure you make the right selection, you can get help from an insurance agent. An insurance agent can guide you better.
Extended coverage is definitely the best way to cover yourself and your family from the unexpected events. It covers you where your regular insurance policies get exhausted.

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